Tiny Heart Photography | About Christie


I'm Christie. Mommy of 2 amazing, inspirational, heart warming, insane, passionate, loving and gorgeous toddlers. Trying to explain how amazing my children are is out of the question, there are no words that will pinpoint the amount of love I have for them, or to sum up the infinite joy they bring to me .


I love color. Vivid, deep and bright. Soft, neutral and classic. I love mix matching colors, clothing, and patterns ...and I love coordinating colors. I simply love diversity.  I see beauty in everything and in everyone. I try to take the time to see, rather than just look. When you start seeing, you start having new feelings, deeper more passionate feelings about life and the world. Emotions are in everything: Colors, toys, trees, sunlight, storms and seasons just to name a few. In turn, different moods are created, resulting in the abundant range of feelings and that, to me is beauty. How amazing is it that something so small can create something so big ;a memory. A certain sound, a smell, or just a feeling. Our senses are tied to memories and having photographs to relive those memories is always a most important possesion to pretty much, everyone. 

I love having the opportunity to be creative through my work. The hardest part about writing about myself is the fact that I take photos. I feel like those say more about me than anything I can "say". I am always in a battle with myself to find a style, and stick to it. Slowly I'm realizing that isn't in the cards for me. If the world is continually moving around me, I feel like I should be moving with it. Growing, changing, taking chances and creating memories with my clients as they too are growing. Nothing is more pleasing to me than getting to watch my little clients grow up in addition to watching my own children. Photography gives me life, brings me friendship, and makes me fall in love with these perfect, innocent children I get the honor of spending time with.

Outside is my oasis. I would take being barefoot outside sprawled out in the grass looking up at the clouds, playing in the dirt with the kids and allowing them to discover life over shopping or paying for an outing any day.  I love funny jokes and if you have a great sense of humor you're my kind of person. I am honest, passionate, loving, caring, emotional, realistic, laid back and a great friend. I will do anything, for anyone and expect nothing in return. All in all, I enjoy life, and take it day by day. I love my job, and the fulfillment it gives me. I cherish my relationships created through photographing a family. Some of my best friends were once shaking my hand and waiting as I nervously introduced myself before we began our session, usually stuttering or tripping over something (it happens a lot). Never could I imagine that so many new and great friendships would come out of being able to relate as parents.  Each time I leave a session, I wholeheartedly believe that my clients think I'm nuts. I feel like I talked to much, or overdid the craziness getting their children to laugh and warm up, but I know when I get that message back after they are able to see their images... that they cried happy tears, or couldn't stop looking at them that my job was done, and a new bond was beginning.  

I love my crazy, hectic, fast paced, messy beautiful life, and my job that has given me a purpose in this world!